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[LIMITED] Yoshida Brothers Japanese Character T-Shirts and Yoshida Brothers I, II, III (3 CDs) SET

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This set includes:
- Limited Edition T shirt for Yoshida Brothers Japanese Character with YB LOGO
- Yoshida Brothers (2003)
- Yoshida Brothers II (2004)
- III (2006)

Yoshida Brothers T-Shirt
Black Print Only. Organic Cotton T-Shirts & ECO Friendly Ink.
YB LOGO is printed on the back of inside.

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S x 6
M x 18
L x 8

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Yoshida Brothers

Still in their early 20's, Ryoichiro and Kenichi, also known as the Yoshida Brothers, are the newest sensation in traditional Japanese World Music, achieving pin-up status with an ever-growing legion of fans. The brothers play a Tsugaru-Shamisen, a three-stringed instrument resembling the banjo and with a style originating from northern Japan with intricate and fast picking.
With the exception of their instruments, they are anything but traditional. With spiked, dyed brown hair and animated performances thrashing their instruments like rock guitarists, many have stated that they are a significant force in a new music revolution. "Every day we challenge the possibilities", says Kenichi, "we creat our own story... by improvisation".

Song List

01. Starting on a Journey
02. Blooming
03. Madrugada
04. Storm
05. A Hill With No Name
06. Tsugaru Jyangara Bushi (Kenichi Version)
07. Labyrinth
08. Sprouting
09. Beyond the Deep Sea
10. Tsugaru Jyangara Bushi (Ryoichiro Version)
11. Storm (T.M. Mix)

Yoshida Brothers II

While the new album has roots that date back to the 16th century origins of the instrument, the melodies and rhythms lend themselves to quite quickly to western ears.

And don't let the traditional garb they wear fool you. While the Yoshida's bow to and acknowledge the deep history of the instrument, their passion and mission statement is to take these centuries-old based jamz to the masses. And they're doing it.

With an influence so great, that as a result of their popularity, Japanese kids now must study ancient instruments in music classes, the Yoshida Brothers have returned to charm American audiences. Via Grammy in the Schools participation, a 90 minute NHK Network Documentary and numerous network and cable television appearances, their path is clear. The New Japanese Invasion Begins… Yoshida Brothers' style.

Song List

01. Frontier
02. Gales of Wind (Hayate)
03. Mirage (Shinkiro)
04. Lullably of Takeda (Takeda no Komoriuta)
05. Kodo
06. Indigo
07. Kagero
08. Evening Calm (Yuunagi)
09. Nikata
10. Old/New - "Modern" Third Movement
11. Arigato
12. Kodo - Inside the Sun Remix


The charismatic duo's fusion of the ancestral and the avant-garde has won global renown, and their East-meets-West vision innovates further with the new album III. Stand-outs include "Erghen Diado," written by famed world musicologist Marcel Cellier and robustly arranged with drums, bass and strings, and a hypnotic take on Brian Eno's "By This River," the only song featuring vocals (from Remy Zero's Cinjun Tate). Many other acclaimed guest players add to the texture of the album's twelve tracks, and the Yoshida Brothers also work magic completely on their own with a spare and beautiful version of John & Yoko's "Oh My Love."

Song List

01. Erghen Diado
02. Passion
03. Canon
04. Hit Song
05. Overland Blues
06. Cherry Blossoms in Winter
07. By This River
08. Morricone
09. Oh My Love
10. Tsugaru Jinku
11. My Heart Holds
12. Tsugaru Jongara Bushi