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[Special Set] Discover New Music - New Age

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Discover New Music - New Age

This set includes:
- Karuna by Nawang Khechog (1995)
- Kitaro World of Music by Yu-Xiao Guang (1996)
- Serenity by Dave Eggar (1998)
- Music For Yoga by Various Artists (2007)

Karuna by Nawang Khechog

As one of Tibet's foremost contemporary musicians, Nawang celebrates life each day through the creation of his very personal music, culminating in the release of his first recording on Domo Records, titled Karuna and produced by Kitaro.

On Karuna, Nawang makes full use of his newest innovation, the Universal Horn. It's a combination of Tibetan long horn and Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo. Combining Japanese Taiko drums, Tibetan long horns, cymbals, bells, Indian drums, South American rain sticks, flutes and Tibetan chanting, Nawang shares his experience with ancient sounds and the spirituality of Tibet.

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Kitaro World of Music by Yu-Xiao Guang

Kitaro's World of Music Featuring Yu-Xiao Guang - Kitaro
"I'm always looking for new sounds and gifted performers" says Kitaro, the award winning, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer.

Produced by Kitaro, the World of Music features and highlights the talents of Chinese Hulquin (violin) player, Yu-Xiao Guang. He was also prominently featured on Kitaro's Golden Globe winning soundtrack for Oliver Stone's film, Heaven and Earth.

This compilation features rearrangements of Kitaro's most popular works including "Silk Road", "Carvansary", "Linden" and "Everlasting Road".

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Serenity by Dave Eggar

In addition to his celebrated work in the classical and new classical worlds, Dave's mastery of contemporary improvisational styles has earned him numerous nationwide competitions, solo spots with marquee artists and critical acclaim for film scores. On his debut release, he named this beautiful collection of neo-classical piano pieces, Serenity. With this critically acclaimed work, Dave takes you on an inner journey of intense beauty, breathtaking brillance, and impeccable craftsmanship in the most intimate of settings.

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Music For Yoga by Various Artists

“Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.” -Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Yoga is a state of being where we are fully present to ourselves and the world around us. The ancient wisdom of Yoga offers many practices to achieve this heightened state of awareness: asanas, breathing exercises, meditation and sound concentration bringing health to the body, clarity to the mind and spiritual attunement. We hear sound not only with our ears, but with every cell of our being. It has a profound healing effect on body, mind and emotions.
MUSIC FOR YOGA is designed to support your Yoga practice on the mat and in life by transporting you into a state of harmony and balance, which is the state of Yoga.

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