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[Biosonic] OM TUNER


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[Biosonic] Om Tuner

8.3 inch (C) 21 cm

[Manufacture] Biosonic

Achieve a state of deep relaxation in seconds with the primordial vibrations of "Om". Physically tune your body to the Om vibration and enter a state of balanced wholeness ideal for healing and higher consciousness. Helps center the body and mind when placed on the rib heads, thoracic vertebra, sternum, sacrum and illiums. Helps meditators and yoga practitioners achieve desired states effortlessly.

• A state of balanced wholeness
• For deep meditation
• Center the body and mind

[How to use]
You need to hold "Om Tuner fork" between your thumb and first finger. Simply tap the tuner on your knees or back of the hand, and bring it to your ears, and feel the vibration.

Also, you can use Om fork directly on the body and acupressure points by tapping the fork in the same way. The Om fork is especially effective when placed on the rib heads, thoracic vertebra, sternum, sacrum. For example, tap the Om fork and press it to your sternum. 

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