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[VINYL] [LIMITED] Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol.4 with Kitaro Autograph (HiFi Audio) (9 Left)


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LIMITED EDITION / (DOUBLE)12 Inch LP Record (180 Gram Vinyl) (HiFi Audio)


Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Volume 4 is the fourth in a series of a collection of works and peace-themed albums inspired by the classic Buddhist pilgrimage to the 88 sacred temples on Japan's remote Shikoku Island. Inspired by a journey taken by the beloved Buddhist monk Ku-Kai over a millennium ago, via the music contained in Sacred Journey of Ku-kai Volume 4, Kitaro continues to explore uncharted waters with his magnificently expansive vision and ever-questing spirit.

This album breaks new ground from the previous three CD's in this unique series of recordings. Steve Kindler's outstanding artistry on the violin adds a new dimension to the series. This expanded musical direction on Ku-Kai comes partially as a result of his unusual background and the location of the Temples spotlighted in volume 4. Violinist Kindler played in The Honolulu Symphony, but he cut his jazz chops as a member of John McLaughlin's fusion band making this particular musician a perfect fit for Kitaro's non-stop exploration of music's possibilities.

In a departure from volumes 1-3, the Temples featured in Ku-Kai 4 are located closer to the Pacific Ocean. In this release, Kitaro is channeling a uniquely different part of the island and the journey through his music. Kitaro, the consummate musical storyteller, is now relating a part of the legend of Ku-Kai that connects us to his story and 'peace' not easily told but ultimately understood.

Song List:

Disc 1 - Side 1
01. Lotus Mountain
02. Yakushi

Disc 1 - Side 2
03. Magic Seeds
04. Reflection Of Water

Disc 2 - Side 3
05. South Wind
06. Circle Pray

Disc 2 - Side 4
07. Requiem
08. Ritual Winds