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[LIMITED] Gaia - Onbashira with Kitaro Autograph (3 Left)


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Gaia Onbashira is a musical exploration of respect and how it relates to ancient traditions.  Gaia loosely translates to Goddess of the Earth or Mother Earth and Onbashira is a festival that occurs every seven years in Japan.  During the Onbashira festival, eight individuals are chosen for spiritually cleansing.  The participants ascend a mountain and attempt to spiritually connect with the heavens through the trees.  These trees are then allowed to fall down the mountain and eventually become posts and the foundation of a ceremonial shrine.  Through these events, these individuals learn to become more in touch with their spirits.
This album is a far-reaching journey that brings together influences of the East and West, past and present, history and future. These tracks resonate with earthly sounds and the history embodied in pre-Columbian wind and percussion instruments.

Song List

02.  MISTY
03.  GAIA